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The Most Affordable Online Schools for a BSW 2022

Social work graduates can expect a flourishing job market throughout the next decade. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects an overall 13% increase in social work positions between 2019-2029. Most of these roles require at least a bachelor’s degree in social work. A BSW degree also serves as the first step to earning a master of social work (MSW), which is required for state licensure and advanced positions.

A bachelor’s degree in social work can take up to four years to complete. Graduates are prepared for employment in a variety of settings, from hospitals and nursing homes to community health and government agencies. Popular career options include caseworkers, human services specialists, and rehabilitation assistants

Distance learning offers an affordable way to acquire the necessary education to enter the social work arena. Students enrolled in online programs save time and money working from home instead of commuting to campus. Non-traditional students can also maintain their family or job responsibilities while pursuing an online BSW degree.

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